7. Feb, 2018

Breaking all the rules ...

Free picture by https://pixabay.com/en/millenium-falcon-falcon-star-wars-1627322/ 

One again Elon Musk did not care about the general rules, ways of working and behavior in an industry that he is disrupting in the moment. SpaceX did successfully launch Falcon Heavy yesterday and and did send Elon's red Tesla roadster and Starman "Major Tom" on the way to Mars.  https://www.geo.tv/latest/180661-elon-musk-blasts-off-starman-in-a-tesla-roadster-to-space 

When you see the start video this is really impressive:

When you are reading Elon's biography by Ashlee Vance https://www.nytimes.com/2015/05/17/books/review/elon-musk-by-ashlee-vance.html, as I am doing in the moment, it is even more impressive and close to unbelievable, how far he is in the meantime.

I know the opinions about Elon Musk are basically black and white or either 0 or 1. You hate him or love him, there is no grey zone. Pretty similar like the stories around Steve Jobs 😉. But Elon is focussing on different industries with SpaceX and Tesla and he really has a longterm vision --> Option 1: To save the planet with pure electrical cars (Tesla) and Option 2: To get an alternative planet ready (the Mars with SpaceX), just in case Option 1 does not work out longterm.

Great to read and see, how he is beating up an established Space industry by a much lower price, with a really new technology and a completely different approach (e.g. reusing rockets and colonizing the Mars). He is a role model for being diverse: