11. Feb, 2018

My week twenty seven (*) highlights.

Another busy week passed by and a lot of stuff did happen. Monday morning the 52nd Super Bowl and then Thursday the start of the last 6 days of the 2018 carnival season (https://www.cologne-tourism.com/welcome/carnival/dates.html). 

One of my candidates got invited for a 1st job interview, I did deliver a new profile to one customer and had a phone conference with another customer, to clarify details about a position they are planning to staff short-term. Busy days and a lot of demand on the cutomer side, but the candidates are not really motivated to answer to job opportunities. I found 70+ new potential candidates and did remind 200+ already known guys from my tracking sheet, but the response rate is really bad so far. Hopefully I will get some more answers next week 😉, thinking positive.

Much better is the trend of weekly readers of my BLOG, in the last five weeks the average number of readers per week was 982, what is 160 readers higher than the average in the previous five weeks. Thanks guys for reading regularly, very much appreciated 👍.

Besides my right placement business work I had another organization team meeting for the 1st Nacht der Technik Rhein-Wupper  https://rhein-wupper.nacht-der-technik.de/. As I am the contact person to the local schools I had my 1st meeting with one of the three city school department representatives on Wednesday. The city of Leverkusen (http://www.leverkusen.de/en/index.php) is very much interested in the event and will be fully supportive for our needs. I will talk to the next guy in 2 weeks from now.

During the last two weeks a new opportunity came up for me, to give a presentation for young students, who are looking for their next education step after school has finished. The headline is planned to be: Alexa / Siri / Google ..., what should I work in the future?, with content around What you must know or still have to learn, to survive in a working world with robots and artificial intelligence?

So far there are three events planned to give this presentation, sorry all German 😙:

  • Between 03 and 06-Apr-18 in the 2nd Easter holiday week for the zdi – Zukunft durch Innovation (https://www.clever-zdi.de/ueber-uns/) during their Easter Camp
  • On 16-May-18 during the BOB2018, a Career orientation exchange for the protection of skilled workers in my area https://bob2018.de/ 
  • Between 08 - 12-Oct-18 during the Theme week for career orientation in a local school close by http://www.pug-monheim.de/ 

Will keep you posted about the progress I make with the presentation preparation. If you have good ideas, what to put into the content, just let me know.

Have a great next week.