21. Feb, 2018

A quick note after a busy day ...

Picture by https://pixabay.com/en/notes-paper-paper-ball-memo-office-514998/ 

This morning I met the 2nd city school department representative to talk about the involvement and participation for all their schools in the city during the VDI Nacht der Technik. He was very supportive and did send out an email to all schools in scope right after our meeting. Will be interesting to see, how quickly they answer, if they answer at all.

In the afternoon we had a meeting of the voluntary workers for a nice coffee and cake sponsored by the school of my daughter. A small thank you for the work we are doing there.

Finally at 06.00 PM the school Committee meeting. I was the replacement for a permanent member. Highlight was the final decision about the new school logo. The new school is in the 5th year now, last summer the name was finally agreed and today the logo. Time is running a little bit slower in public environments, especially schools 🙂.

To make a busy day successful, I just delivered the profile of a new candidate to one of my customers 30 minutes ago.

Now some interesting links, to close for today. Have fun and enjoy: