25. Feb, 2018

My week twenty five (*) highlights ...

Well, my full respect and congratulations to the German ice hockey team. Just 55 seconds missing to win the olympic gold medal, would have been the 1st time in history. BUT as the German team had already two times the better end in the overtime with a sudden death goal before (2:1 against Switzerland and 4:3 against Sweden in the quarter final), today the OAR team (Olympic Athletes from Russia) did win with 4:3 in the Final. What a great example of what you can accomplish with team spirit 👍. Well done guys, the 1st olympic silver medal in history 😉.                                                                              https://www.olympic.org/pyeongchang-2018/results/en/ice-hockey/results-men-fnl-000100-.htm 

When I work with other people, I try to make up for their shortcomings with my strengths, and I let others make up for my flaws with their strengths. I try to co-operate with people around me when working in a group. I like to enhance team spirit on set. I try to get everyone involved in the action. Song Joong-ki, South Korean - Actor Born: September 19, 1985

Besides that 100+ new candidates contacted, a lot of reminder emails send out and one new profile delivered to a customer. Next week I will talk to an interested candidate about details of a position in my portfolio and one of my candidates has his 1st job interview scheduled. Another Meetup on Wednesday about Innovation Management (Innovation management is not art - it's a competence!) and an IBM Webinar about their Robotic Process Automation (RPA). Will be interesting.

For my school presentation project (first time mentioned in a post on 11-Feb-18), with the headline: Alexa / Siri / Google ..., what should I work in the future?, and content around What you must know or still have to learn, to survive in a working world with robots and artificial intelligence?, the 1st attempt is happening in the 2nd Easter holiday week and it will be a 6 hour workshop.

A combination of some introduction presentation with a little bit theory and a major practical part, for the kids to have some fun during their holidays. I am planning to do a mysimpleshow video with them (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCyYOgVNW--SNcRHtnnZaXvQ) and some basic programming activities, depending on the audience. Will be a group of 8 - 12 students, 13 - 14 years old. I am planning to take my youngest daughter with me (she is 14 now) as support and for translation purposes (just joking) 😙. 

Have a great and sunny winter week and when you have spare 5 minutes, check the following video. It is worth it ...