1. Mar, 2018

Evening event about innovation management ...

Thanks to https://pixabay.com/en/light-bulb-leaf-chlorophyll-green-2631864/ 

Yesterday evening I did participate in another Meetup about Innovation, this time organized by HEINRICH HEINE CONSULTING (Duesseldorf's first student management consultancy, https://hhc-duesseldorf.de/) and the IMP³rove – European Innovation Management Academy (https://www.improve-innovation.eu/). The hourly or daily rates of the student consultants are obviously below market standard, but no details shared 😉.

IMP³rove is offering an Innovation Assessment based on the A.T. Kearny "House of Innovation" (see http://www.innovationmanagement.se/2012/12/19/how-to-deal-with-innovation-management-when-you-are-small/ for more details). Their house has basically 5 levels - Strategy, Organization/Culture, Lifecycle/Process, supporting factors and results, BUT when you do a small WWW search you will quickly realize that there are much more Innovation Frameworks out there in the field. Just some examples below, to have some choices:

The number of levels seems to be differently, but in the end everybody has to find the personal best model or framework anyway. And never forget to take your people with you!! Technology, processes and tools are not the issue in most cases 😙.

Some notes with respect to the question - What are the best innovators making differently?

Running the Innovation assessment is free of charge and could be a good first indication for you and your company? In the side discussions after the presentation the following topics came up. Could be interesting as well? Check it out.

As I am an Engineer by profession and to close for today, my favorite Dilbert video in English and German. Enjoy the show: