11. Mar, 2018

My week twenty three (*) highlights.

Just coming back from the Sunday night event, my Christmas present, The Blues Brothers Approved show in Duesseldorf (https://www.bradhenshaw.com/blues-brothers). Great show, great singers, great band and great music - one of my favorite music films 👍. What a perfect evening.

Before the show and a nice dinner my wife and I had been to the Jobmesse Duesseldorf (http://www.jobmessen.com/duesseldorf/). To see, what the competitors are doing and how the exhibitors are presenting their companies and how they want to attract the shrinking number of candidates. Some of them specifically were looking for 50+ guys or did offer jobs for them. With my experience with 50+ candidates from the last two weeks I just wanted to check their proposals.

For testing purposes I did approach different stands and did ask for their jobs for the 50+ audience. If you are a software developer and you know SAP or COBOL by heart you can even be 70+, no issue for them. These guys are really rare and no younger guys are following, because the old stuff is not fancy enough anymore. For SAP there are still a good number of developers out there, but COBOL programmers have already been an issue during the year 2000 projects, now we are 18 years later. So if you are young and know COBOL very well, you can make a fortune and have enough work for the next 20 - 30 years. Mainly banks and insurance companies are still using COBOL and they are not really flexible and motivated to make any change towards something more modern and future proof.

For none developers the 50+ story is different. If you have the right expertise in niche areas or you are willing to accept a reduction in salary and benefits, there might be options? But with expertise that is still widely available in the market place, you will face issues. No further comments on this topic, just read some of my older posts from 2016 and early 2017. So in summary a nice afternoon with some interesting talks and new connections.

As recap of the week, I did introduce a new candidate profile to a customer, one of my 50+ guys. The other one was rejected after some initial checking with the HR guy. Now we will try the next customer. Besides that I did clean up my tracking Excel sheet. Everybody who was contacted once and reminded two times without any response is now off the focus area.

Next week one 2nd interview scheduled, the other one had to be rescheduled due to illness of the candidate. No further plans so far, just the standard work to find enough new candidates to keep the pipeline filled up.

We are less than 1,000 readers away from the next big milestone --> #40,000 overall readers, so keep an eye on the counter and take a snapshot, when necessary. Have a great and interesting week.