18. Mar, 2018

The week twenty two (*) summary ...

As I basically summarized the week in my post from yesterday already, some more space today to do something different 😙. First, the 5 weeks average of readers is above 1,000 now, 1,047 to be exact. A great success story, but some more details about the regular and one time readers would be really nice. Exactly the question I did get from my mother this morning. She and my father are two of my regular readers, thanks a lot and very much appreciated 😋.

Every Sunday morning I am having a regular phone call with my parents, directly after my family has finished watching "Die Sendung mit der Maushttp://www.wdrmaus.de/extras/maus_international/englisch.php5. A really great program that is explaining everyday topics in simple language and examples. For everybody to understand, independent from the age between 3- and 93+. These guys just had their 47th anniversary last week Sunday. Well done 👍!! Two of the three presenters of the show are still from the early days, the third one is already next generation. The third generation of presenters is in preparation, same with the audience. I have seen the show when I was really young (45+ years ago) and I am still watching it every Sunday morning, with 55 now.    

Coming back to the question of my mother from this morning, who is reading my blog ? As the provider of the BLOG platform is not offering any really useful statistics (all anonymous) I have to collect the information with a different approach. A small questionnaire below. Very much appreciated when you answer some of the questions, but it is all voluntary 😎. Please share the insights as Comment, in the Guestbook or in an Email to rethinkandfocus@gmail.com

  • How often are you reading my BLOG on a weekly basis?
  • In which country are you living?
  • What are the topics that you are most and least interested in?
  • Any wishes for other topics to be picked up?
  • Any improvement or change ideas?
  • Anything else you might want to share?

Thanks a lot in advance for being open. Based on the experience so far with asking for feedback and comments, I am not expecting a lot of response, but hopefully I will be surprised by you guys. In the moment I have nearly 145 readers per day, when 2/3 are regular readers we have 95 people. Assuming 3% will repond, I am expecting 3 answers!! More would be great!!

When one's expectations are reduced to zero, one really appreciates everything one does have. Stephen Hawking

And do not forget the #40,000 overall reader counter competition, only 63 readers to go!!