25. Mar, 2018

My week twenty one (*) story.

Starting with a reminder to my last week Sunday request, just in case you had no time so far to look into the details?

A small questionnaire below. Very much appreciated when you answer some of the questions, but it is all voluntary 😎. Please share the insights as Comment, in the Guestbook or in an Email to rethinkandfocus@gmail.com

  • How often are you reading my BLOG on a weekly basis?
  • In which country are you living?
  • What are the topics that you are most and least interested in?
  • Any wishes for other topics to be picked up?
  • Any improvement or change ideas?
  • Anything else you might want to share?

Thanks a lot in advance for being open.

For the two guys who were not willing to change their jobs, I could find two replacement profiles that I did introduce to different customers this week. Looking forward to some positive feedback. Next week I am meeting one of my candidates F2F, to have a preparation discussion for his 1st interview on Thursday.

My planned workshop in the Easter holiday program of the zdi-network (http://www.zdi-portal.de/en/) is not going to happen, as it was not approved by the decision making body. Our changed explanation of the workshop idea and content was still not sufficient enough. Maybe next time, there are more holiday programs coming up in Summer and Autumn.

Some interesting links for the coming week, will be fun to see how I can handle it without using Facebook 😉:

Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm. Winston Churchill, British - Statesman November 30, 1874 - January 24, 1965