27. Mar, 2018

Two days OFF Facebook ...

Nice picture by https://pixabay.com/en/hand-finger-button-switch-off-944189/ 

As announced and planned, I did deactivate my Facebook account yesterday. So far no issues and I am not missing anything. The "share article on Facebook" feature was definitely easy and very helpful, but I am getting used to alternative approaches via XING, LinkedIn and Google+.

Related to this topic I have seen a very interesting article by Karl-Heinz Land (http://karl-heinz.land/) today, who is forecasting a very dark future for Facebook. The full article is only available in German, called Facebooks Armageddon  (https://www.xing.com/news/insiders/articles/facebooks-armageddon-705376?te=07133ee81c1301ac.eyJ0YXJnZXRfaWQiOjcwNTM3NiwidGFyZ2V0X3R5cGUiOiJhcnRpY2xlIiwidGFyZ2V0X3VybiI6InVybjp4LXhpbmc6Y29udGVudDppbnNpZGVyX2FydGljbGU6NzA1Mzc2Iiwic2l0ZV9zZWN0aW9uIjoiaW5zaWRlcl9wYWdlIiwiYWN0b3JfdXJuIjoidXJuOngteGluZzpjb250ZW50Omluc2lkZXI6NjQwNTQ3MyIsInZlcnNpb24iOiIyLjIuMCJ9&xng_share_origin=web), but I did ask Google to translate a key paragraph for you 🙂:

  • "The next stage of the scandal: escalation. Slightly more details will come to light - meanwhile, it is clear that Kogan has passed years ago analyzes of 57 billion anonymous Facebook friendships to Cambridge Analytica. More and more, companies are going to distance themselves from Facebook because their data-driven business model has fallen into disrepute. The next step will be a social ostracism: customers, society and politics are setting an example on Facebook for the responsible use of user data. The business model of Facebook would be done with it."

The key message is correctly translated for sure!! Would be interesting/frightening, when the competing company Google would translate Facebook related articles with an even more negative touch in the current situation? You never know, so better check sometimes 😎.

To finish for today, some interesting material so share: