30. Mar, 2018

Time is running fast ...

Picture by https://pixabay.com/en/stress-voltage-burnout-headache-391662/ 

18 years ago I did bring my wife to the hospital for the birth of my 2nd daughter. Today my daughter had her 18th birthday, time is really running fast and you do not truly realize it on a daily basis. Only when you pass a milestone like the 18th birthday in Germany for example, when the kids are finally adults and responsible for themselves, according to the law.

Two days ago I did post about mindset and the work of Dr. Carol Dweck  with respect to fixed and growth mindsets. I still do not believe in coincidences, but today I had an email in my inbox with the following link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2nF90sAW-Yg&, a Youtube video about MINDSET by Carol Dweck | Animated Core Message, what a surprise 😉. But a great summary of the mindset theory and a useful impulse for a new post, as you can see today.

5 days without Facebook now and still no real issue, more time for other stuff and less obligation to post or share something. If you are still on and look for more security, check this out: 

Below a quote from a former colleague of mine, as answer to my question --> "I hope everything is going well and you still have some fun at work?" - he had a really philosophical way of seeing his situation, something to think about during the Easter break --> "So nothing really interesting career-wise. Doesn't matter, the important stuff happens at home anyway." My deepest respect.

Some more interesting links and reading material, to close for today:

The single most important factor in our long-term happiness is the relationships we have with our family and close friends. Clayton M. Christensen, American - Author Born: April 6, 1952,  http://www.claytonchristensen.com/