1. Apr, 2018

The quick week twenty (*) summary ...

Due to the Easter celebration and days off, just a quick summary of my last week today. Another week gone and still not any response to my questionnaire that I started two weeks ago. Don't be shy, this is all voluntary and anonymous!!

In the past 4 day work week I did submit one new profile to one of my customers. Two profiles have been rejected, one guy was too expensive and the other one too young without the necessary experience. Not really a surprise as he was applying for his first job. One other candidate had his 1st interview that did go really well and he was invited for the 2nd interview the same day. Will be interesting to see, how this session will go next week. The customer had to be quick, as the candidate has other options as well.

Besides that I did send out 200+ final reminders to candidates, who did not react to my contact requests so far. I normally contact candidates twice before the last reminder email. Finally I had to find alternatives to the Facebook JobBot that I cannot use anymore, due to shutting down my Facebook account. There are enough other solutions out there, so nothing to really worry about 😉. 

Some reading material for the rest of the long Easter weekend, just in case the weather is bad and you do not have better things to do:

A day of worry is more exhausting than a week of work. John Lubbock, British - Statesman April 30, 1834 - May 28, 1913