5. Apr, 2018

More Iceberg metaphors ...

Great picture found at https://pixabay.com/en/polar-bear-animal-climate-change-2525529/ 

You possibly remember my 28-Mar-18 post with the "Success is an Iceberg" story? I found another great Iceberg metaphor today with respect to ORGANIZATIONAL CULTURE. See a great BLOG post from Torben Rick - "It seems quite ironic, that organizations are often not aware, or may choose to ignore the 90% of organizational attributes that are beneath the surface and not seen. Sometimes leaders make decisions only on the 10% that is visible to them!" at  https://www.torbenrick.eu/blog/culture/organizational-culture-is-like-an-iceberg/, I really like the picture very much, kept simple 😉.

I did deliver a new candidate profile yesterday, had one phone interview today and another two scheduled in the coming days. A new customer did contact me yesterday as one of 50 headhunters respectively right placement companies. Imagine 50 guys getting busy to staff one position? The "War for Talent" is real, but a lot does not always help a lot. Anyway, we made our conditions and prerequisites clear to start working, just waiting for their initial signature now.

Besides that I am getting the preparation work ready for next week Monday and Tuesday, when I will be visiting Munich together with my wife for the THE NEXT NOW! event  (https://www.thenextnow.de/). A lot of great speakers and a rumor that Michael Dell will be participating as well. We are especially looking forward to the speech of Richard David Precht (born 1964), he is a German Publicist who has become especially well-known as an author of successful popular science books about philosophical issues. He has a great way to combine philosophy with other topics like innovation and digital transformation for example. Will be fun.

Some interesting links to close for today:

No matter how brilliant your mind or strategy, if you’re playing a solo game, you’ll always lose out to a team. — Reid Hoffman, Co-founder of LinkedIn, taken from  https://www.northpass.com/blog/the-50-most-inspirational-company-culture-quotes-of-all-time