8. Apr, 2018

The week nineteen (*) highlights ...

Quick summary of the after Easter week. I could deliver another candidate profile to one of my customers, so it was two this week. Another potential applicant will use this weekend to finally decide, if he wants to use the opportunity I am providing to get introduced to a potential new employer.

All preparation work is done for the event on Tuesday in Munich - THE NEXT NOW! (https://www.thenextnow.de/). We will be using Monday for traveling and some sight seeing, as the event is scheduled for a half day on Tuesday. I will provide a summary of the key messages when I am back next week.

Last week was another record high for weekly readers of my BLOG, we are now above 1.500 already 👍, great support thanks a lot. Due to the growing audience, we are reaching the next milestone of #44.444 overall readers faster than expected. Just another 502 readers to go just now.

In order to fill the time until Wednesday next week, some interesting material to look at: