19. Apr, 2018

Startup Week 2nd session ...

Good fit picture by https://pixabay.com/en/company-drawing-pen-paper-arrow-3327152/

Had my 2nd session at the Wacom location yesterday afternoon with the topic Visualisation as a Boost for Ideas. Great and intensive 3 hour session with a lot of interesting people, a really international audience, as the presentation language was English. Keeping in mind my 22-Feb-18 post "One picture says more than 1,000 words ...", the idea of the workshop was basically the same. Learn how to explain ideas easier in a drawing than with a lot of words and to come to a Visual elevator pitch for any kind of business idea.

If you have a pure text presentation people on average can remember 75% of the content at the end, it is just 10% after 3 days. When you have a combined text and visuals presentation, you have 85% and still 65% after 3 days. So Visualisation really makes a difference.

After learning how to quickly and easily draw some basic doodles, icons, sketches, visuals, etc., we did build a small team and selected a random problem to solve during the workshop. The creativity method we used was Disney’s Creative Strategy: Playing The Dreamer, The Realist and The Critic roles in several iterations (see for more details  http://www.designorate.com/disneys-creative-strategy/).

With the results of this session we did prepare the Visual elevator pitch after a small dinner break.

Due to time constraints we did focus on some easy parts:

  • What is the target group for the pitch?
  • What is the #1 result, to achive out of the solution?
  • What are the dreams, wishes, desires of the target group (assuming no limits)?
    • more money, save money
    • solve problems
    • being more effective
    • what stops you of being there?
  • What is your company doing?
  • What are the benefits of your solution?
    • related to money
    • related to emotions
    • related to physical (power for example)
    • related to spiritual (e.g. be part of an interest group)

Some supporting material below: