22. Apr, 2018

Quick week seventeen (*) highlights

An interesting week passed by with highs and lows. I covered the two StartUp week workshops in details already. Besides that one candidate decided to accept a new contract before he partcipated in the job interview I organized for him. Another one was rejected by the customer, as skills and salary expectation did not match from their perspective. Having a different opinion does not make a change in these kind of situations, you just have to accept the decision. Next week one of my candidates will have his 1st customer interview, we will see how this goes.

For the new customer I did contact nearly 100 potential profiles during the week and had one 1st phone interview already. The candidate wanted to decide over the weekend, how to proceed.

Sometimes it is really interesting to read the apologies and explanations, why people are not reacting to requests in the course of one or two weeks. Some are just back from a longer holiday, some are really busy with business or private tasks and some have no time for social media activities or focus on other platforms. Sometimes people are changing their opinion after some weeks or month and become interested again in the initial job proposal. This week I had one guy who came back to me after 9 month.

Some interesting material to start the next week:

Have a productive and exciting week 👍.