24. Apr, 2018

Managers versus Leaders ...

Managers work to see numbers grow. Leaders work to see people grow. - Simon Sinek,  https://courses.startwithwhy.com. I hope you see how my sketchnote relates to the quote 😉. 

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"Average organizations give their people something to work on. Great organizations give their people something to work toward."

"Intelligence looks for what is known to solve problems. Creativity looks for what is unknown to discover possibilities."

"If we think of everything we have to do, we feel overwhelmed. If we do the one thing we need to do, we make progress."

The funny story of the week happened yesterday when a potential candidate did finally answer my contact request. I initially contacted the guy end of January and did send a reminder mid February 2018. I got the apology yesterday, due to a just now and then usage of social media my request was overlooked. 1st question was, if the position is still available. It is still open and even worth, due to a reorganization on the customer side, the initial order is still not signed yet. A prerequisite for me as right placement advisor to start searching for candidates. So a just in time reaction and maybe I can use this profile to motivate the customer to finally make up their mind?

Some good stuff for the end of the working day:

"A boss tells people what they can do to achieve a goal. A leader asks people what they can do to advance a vision." - Simon Sinek, https://www.youtube.com/user/SimonSinek