29. Apr, 2018

The week sixteen (*) summary.

Quick highlights of the week. Two candidates in their 1st customer interview, one already invited for the 2nd one. Three new candidates in their 1st phone call with me, they will have to make up their mind over the weekend. 130+ potential fits contacted for the new customer so far, 100+ did not answer so far even after a second reminder. Maybe next week as we have a long weekend, due to a bank holiday (01-May-18) on Tuesday next week?

As the job-orientation fair BOB2018 (https://bob2018.de/, sorry only in German) on 16-May-18 is coming closer, I will be spending more time on the presentation I am going to give. The challenge will be, to get the story across for the audience of pupils/students age 13 and above. To keep it exciting and informative, hopefully as a kind of initial ignition and motivation for their future. They will have to cope with the already ongoing and further coming digitization of their environment and this is not just Youtube, WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat.

Some changes will be coming faster, but surprise, surprise a lot of stuff is not changing in thousand years. Some quotes as example:

  • Who wants to build tall towers, has to work on the foundation for a long time. -- Aristoteles, * 384 BC; † 322 BC
  • There will be wagons, none of them drawn by animals, driven with incredible power. -- Leonardo da Vinci, * 15-Apr-1452; † 2-May-1519
  • The right to stupidity belongs to the guarantee of free development of the personality. -- Mark Twain, * 30-Nov-1835; † 21-Apr-1910
  • Chopping wood is so popular, because in this activity you see the success immediately. -- Albert Einstein, * 14-Mar-1879; † 18-Apr-1955
  • Every child is an artist. The problem is just to stay an artist, while you grow up. -- Pablo Picasso, * 25-Oct-1881; † 8-Apr-1973