11. May, 2018

Back from the short trip into the past of my father-in-law.

Picture by https://pixabay.com/en/old-letters-quill-old-photos-pen-1082299/ 

The last two and a half days we have been to the city of birth of my father-in-law, to pick up a piece of furniture that he has build to finish his education as a carpenter 60 years ago. Interesting to see from the outside, what is happening when you are the next generation. 

People are seeing each other on the street or in a restaurant for the first time after 40 - 60 years and can still remember faces and names as if it was last week or just some month back. The 90+ year old Grandma in the Hotel we stayed could still remember my father-in-law and a lot of his family details, but is not at all aware of the happenings from last week. 

After seeing this I would disagree with Simon Sinek's quote "The challenge of our unknown future is so much more exciting than the stories of our accomplished past." A time travel into the past, like we did it this week, can be interesting and exciting as well. You learn a lot that you did not know before and by looking at old pictures and documents you are capturing the past for the coming generations. Adding some background information and digitizing the black and white pictures, is keeping the old stories and family trees alive and relevant. Kids learn something more/new about their parents and grandchildren about their grandparents. 

If history repeats itself, and the unexpected always happens, how incapable must Man be of learning from experience. George Bernard Shaw, Irish - Dramatist July 26, 1856 - November 2, 1950

Some good Weekend reading below. Enjoy and have fun with it: