16. May, 2018

A great day at the BOB2018 today ...

Two presentations today with nearly 80 students in total, more girls than boys, what was the first surprise for me. The next one was that nobody had any question after the presentation. I assume it was more related to being shy and not that all content was clear. There was one question after the session, the main topic of the presentation was related to digital transformation, --> "Can we stop the progress of the digital transformation, I do not have any relation to technology?" 😮

So in summary a real success story, preparation time well spent and I got some positive feedback from my daughter, who was in one session, and her friends as well. In the first session was a school department representative of a neighbor city, who was interested in my story and he possibly plans to make use of it for some other parent and kids education. He wanted to contact me, when he has more details.   

To explain the picture on the left, what was my last slide. "I did show you different options during the presentation today, how to handle the digital transformation and change. Now it is your turn to select a door and walk through it."

--> 👍 To finish for today a request to all my readers from Germany with a German mobile phone number. My daughter's school is participating in a bank donation competition that is still running until tomorrow 17-May-18 at 06.00 PM CEST. You just need to fill in your mobile phone number, you will get a text message and have to enter the three codes you get into the template on the following web page, that's it  https://www.spardaspendenwahl.de/profile/prismaschule-langenfeld/ 

More details about the school and what they plan to do with the expected donation are on the same page. Thanks a lot in advance for your participation, very much appreciated 👍🙂.