20. May, 2018

My week thirteen (*) highlights ...

One new profile delivered to the customer, nearly 100 new candidates contacted, I got a new position that needs to be filled short-term for one of my customers and did talk to one potential candidate, who might go to one of my customers as new profile. We will see next week after the public holiday - Whit Monday.

Besides my positive experience with the presentation at the BOB2018 and the school of my daughter finishing in 34th place, we have seen a week of successful underdogs with a dream becoming reality: 

Next week I will be going to a Meetup with my wife about digitization in the primary school - "Our children, thanks to smartphone & coding at full speed in the digital world!". Perfect fit to my topic from last week for the BOB2018 presentation. Will keep you posted.

For several thousand years people did not know what they believed - today they do not believe what they know, Richard David Precht in the book "Hunters, shepherds, critics  - An utopia for the digital society" that I am currently reading,  https://www.lovelybooks.de/autor/Richard-David-Precht/J%C3%A4ger-Hirten-Kritiker-1523109544-w/ 

Have a great and productive week and keep an eye on the counter 😉, the #50,000 overall reader number is coming closer, just 501 to go, and the competition is open for everybody again 👍.