25. May, 2018

Is the Customer always King or Right?

Thanks for another nice picture to https://pixabay.com/en/chess-king-background-images-3390711/

There are definitely good arguments and historical explanations, why a customer is KING or always RIGHT, just "5 Reasons Why the Customer is King" below                  https://volom.com/5-reasons-why-the-customer-is-king/.


Just an imaginary example: You find a great talent, with several years experience in a popular industry, who did get a reasonable salary and would be available immediately. You introduce the candidate to the customer, who sees the benefits the same way you did it and organizes a 1st phone interview some weeks later. The candidate and the functional lead are both happy about the outcome of the phone call, but have two concerns: the salary expectation is too high and the available skills are not sufficient enough for the role description. The functional lead wanted to have one or two good night sleeps to think about pros and cons and to come to a decision the next week. So far so good.

4 weeks and 2 reminders later you get the information from the HR department that the candidate has finally been rejected, because of the mismatch between salary expectation and skill level. Surprising: Not the reason, but the time it took to come to a decision.

This is the moment when I ask myself - Is the Customer always King or Right?

As you cannot change the customer, the internal decision making processes and priority setting, you need to focus on the stuff you can influence - put more effort in for other customers, as self-employed people need to focus on a healthy balance between effort and outcome.

sipgate, the host from the Meetup from last Tuesday has a service level of just 24 hours. Every candidate will get a reaction from the HR department in 24 hours - for an application, for an interview invitation, for any feedback after an interview, for any necessary decision, how to proceed. Sounds like a fair candidate treatment and much less waiting time on both sides. Would be great to have this as a kind of role model service level with all customers? Sorry I was dreaming - back to reality 🙂. 

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