3. Jun, 2018

My week eleven (*) highlights ...

A really diversified week this week eleven (*). One of my candidates has been invited for his 1st job interview for a development position, a good start. I did introduce another candidate for a development role as well, but he immediately got rejected, due to the wrong skill set. I had a different opinion about it, but I am not the decisive factor. S*** happens.

Another profile got rejected after some weeks internal discussion on the customer side, as not interesting enough. Before I could introduce the profile to another customer the candidate has accepted a new role in a large German company.

Besides that I did contact 50 new candidates and did remind several 100 to finally send me a response to my proposal or request. Getting an answer in time is really a problem in the moment. As I did some marketing in XING and LinkedIn for my open positions last week I did get several responses, but all candidates do not have the required German skills, to meet the customer requirements. Getting them up to speed in German in a really short time could be a good business model - https://www.lifehack.org/305085/7-timeless-tips-learn-any-language-days-not-years 

Next week I have my standard activities on the schedule and will prepare my CEBIT visit on 12 and 13-Jun-18 (https://www.cebit.de/en/). Will be interesting to see the new concept.

Some good links for your next week, have fun and enjoy 😀: