6. Jun, 2018

Notes to Inspire by Simon Sinek

Thanks to https://pixabay.com/en/chocolate-quote-saying-design-1444831/ for another nice picture.

Simon Sinek's "Note to Inspire" from today: Profit comes as a result of being good at WHAT we do. Trust comes as a result of being good at WHY we do it.

For more details see                                                      https://startwithwhy.com/library/startwithwhy/ as background information. Always helpful 😎.

Summer temperatures are back in my part of Germany and the birds are singing. I had some administrative housekeeping tasks to take care of today besides my regular discussion with potential candidates. Tomorrow I will prepare one candidate for his 1st job interview and plan to finish another profile, to send it to the customer later in the day. You can really be happy, when you find a good SW developer profile and the candidate is motivated to make a change. As mentioned several times before, the market is empty.

Below some interesting material that I did find since Monday this week, I hope you like it?

Just 13 days after passing the #50,000 overall reader milestone we are approach the next one at #55,555. Nearly 50% done today. Keep going like this. And when you have a special topic interest, want to leave some feedback or comments, just send me an email to the known address. Thanks a lot.

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