10. Jun, 2018

A quick week ten (*) summary ...

As planned, I could deliver another profile to one of my customers. A good guy, but he is looking for a change next year summer time, so this might be a little bit too early in the process, we will see. The other candidate had a successful 1st interview, we are just waiting for the customer feedback now. Besides that I contacted around 50 new potential candidates and have scheduled two first phone calls for tomorrow. More SW developers with different motivation to change.

For the panel discussion on the CEBIT on Tuesday I have a preparation phone call tomorrow as well. The official title is "IT labor market: The winners and losers of digitization". Some of the planned questions below. Based on my experience of the last two years, being on the applicant and recruiter side, some of my answers in Italic font 😉:

  • What is the IT job market like at the moment? In times of digitization has it become even harder to find suitable IT talents? Which are these anyway?
    • Most of the companies are still not willing to adjust to a changed environment
    • They still assume it is a recruiting company market and not a candidate market
    • To find good talent you have to be creative and adjust your requirements to increase the amount of matching talent
  • Which profiles are you / the customers looking for at the moment?
    • SW developers, consultants, project managers
  • Do applicants have to bring other skills in times of digitization than they did in the past (more soft skills or similar)?
    • Not really, maybe a little bit more team spirit is required
    • You have to be up to speed with state-of-the-art technology, as always
    • You need to be self-confident and self-organized
  • Are there any profiles that are no longer in demand?
    • Companies tend to focus too much on younger talent
    • The best agers (54 - 67) are too often out of scope, what is a waste of talent and expertise 
    • We should extend the scope and not narrow it down, to have an answer for the Skills shortage
  • What requirements do you / the companies request from the applicants?
  • How important are CV, cover letter, final grade, job interview?
    • Still needed, but we should do much more practical tests, like sample working days, short internships or small projects
  • What do you / the companies offer the applicants?
    • Not enough to be really attractive for top talents
    • Money is not everything. Purpose of the work, employer-branding, fair treatment of candidates and flexibility in the workplace have a much higher priority
  • How does on-boarding look like?
    • Mostly like 20 years ago
  • To the company representatives: Why should a candidate just come to you?
    • A good question and only a very small number of companies have an answer to this question that resonates well with the candidates
  • To me: What advice do you give the candidates, what tips do you give them for the recruiting process?
    • Be open, honest and authentic
    • You have to like the company as well
    • If the discussion is not happening on an equal level, do something else
    • Don't waste your time with companies that do not fit to you