13. Jun, 2018

CEBIT 2018, could be the last one?

Late yesterday evening I did come back from my one day visit to the CEBIT 2018 in Hannover (https://www.cebit.de/en/). As the old concept did not really work anymore for some years already and the organizer wanted to kick off a new approach - younger, more digital, at a different time of the year, other focus areas and main topics, etc. - the look and feel was surprising and you had to get used to it 🙃.

What are the key changes that I realized?

  • A lot of the key players from the past had been missing
  • Other big players did fill the free space and got even bigger
  • Like at the CES Las Vegas, a lot of Automotive companies are pushing out the "old" IT companies --> a car is becoming more intelligent, more software, more electric, more A.I. in a simple metal housing or plastic case. Everything gets more integrated and platform based 
  • Hundreds of startup companies did get much more focus and space
  • To get younger - CEBIT 2018 got more an event character than the "old" exhibition/fair style - a really large ferris wheel for business meetings, a large stage for DJs, well known music bands and other show acts
  • Much more stages inside (small and big ones) for presentations, conferences and panel discussions
  • Some companies used the opportunity to attract the younger audience, other had no clue yet, how to handle this
  • Will be interesting to see in some weeks from now, if this new approach was successful and will be the start of the "NEW" CEBIT, or I have been to the last one yesterday?

The panel discussion that I was asked to join was a lot of fun and very well received by the audience. Besides the moderator from the Computerwoche online newspaper, we had a VW HR person, a BWI (the German armed forces IT provider) recruiter and me as the right placement advisor, with a little bit a different view to the IT market. I did already answer all questions in my post from 10-Jun-18, and used this as reference during the discussion. Some more highlights below:

And finally two examples for the event character yesterday: