17. Jun, 2018

The week nine (*) highlights ...

Another busy week gone, also due to the CEBIT visit, what was a really great day. It is always nice when your opinion and experience is appreciated and well accepted by an audience. 

Two of my candidates have been invited for a 2nd job interview next week. Hopefully they can find an agreement with the customers after it? Besides that I did introduce a new profile to one of my customers, a software developer, but it got rejected two days later. Not enough technical match for the position. Almost unbelievable that companies can easily reject talent, when technical skills are as short as they are in the moment. By the way the guy told me that he had a job interview a day later and now has already a contract on the table ready to sign.

From my nearly 11 month experience as right placement advisor I can fully agree with the Gallup World Poll from 2017 (https://news.gallup.com/opinion/chairman/212045/world-broken-workplace.aspx?g_source=position1&g_medium=related&g_campaign=tiles) that only 15% of the full time workers are happy with their job. But being unhappy is not enough motivation for most of them to make a change and proactively look for a new job. Even when they are directly asked by me and I offer a new/alternative opportunity is the persistance to stay much higher than the impulse-force to make a change, maybe not always with a guarantee to the better, but definitely to something new and different.

Now I have to go, as the German soccer team just started the first game against Mexico during the 2018 Fifa World Cup in Russia https://www.fifa.com/worldcup/. The target is to defend the title, we will see during the next month, if this will be possible 😎. Have a great next week, I will have it.