22. Jun, 2018

The Big Five for Life ...

Always helpful pictures at https://pixabay.com/en/africa-giraffe-lion-rhino-animals-1603382/ :-)

I am not reading a lot of books, especially not the paper ones, but sometimes you are passing a book store and just check, what are the bestsellers of the month. It is never clear, if the ranking is driven by number of sold copies or recommendations or marketing concepts or buzz words/topics or hype subjects. Who cares anyway?

This time John Strelecky's book - The Big Five for Life - did attract my attention, due to the layout of the cover, the title and the ranking in the bestseller list, I think it was in the Top 5. Some more supporting material below, when you see the Youtuve video, you will understand my picture selection for today 😉:

I will definitely keep you posted about my progress in the book. Not much to say so far, I am just on page 16.

As we had the the beginning of Summer 2018 yesterday. People start to think about their holiday planning and alternative programs. The same is done by a lot of companies and institutions. Just got an email from Udacity, to look at the summer program/course catalog, see   https://www.udacity.com/courses/all 

Have to leave for a Fifa Worldcup (https://www.fifa.com/worldcup/) game now, Nigeria against Iceland. Tomorrow is the big final for Germany against Sweden. All should be fine when we win, but when we lose or just make a draw, we possibly have to go home. I am not very optimistic for the team in the moment, hopefully I am wrong. Enjoy the games.