23. Jun, 2018

My visit at a recruiter congress earlier this week ...

Always useful for free pictures: https://pixabay.com/en/word-cloud-recruitment-process-1758159/ 

On Tuesday this week I had the opportunity to join a half day Recruiter Congress, hosted by one of the many companies that are helping HR departments, to be more efficient and successful. The participation was for free, but I will not mention the name - no advertisement 🤭.

The main focus of the Congress was on company internal HR departments and their recruiters, looking at the audience the majority >75% are women, and not on right placement advisors or headhunters. So my view on the recruiting market and best practices might be a little bit different, as I can not influence the employer branding and candidate experience of my customers.

Below a quick summary of the three presentations:

  • Key messages from the hosting company
    • In the meantime Indeed is the largest job portal also in Germany, Monster and Stepstone are going down
    • More HR departments are using Google Adwords and Analytics, but showing a ROI is still difficult
    • Dedicated budgets are required in HR, to be much faster
    • There is much for focus on employer branding, the candidate experience and early relationship management with students and young talents
    • In the candidate journey, from the first contact to finally signing the contract:
      • 90% of the candidates are lost by reading the job description
      • 50% are lost during filling the online application form
      • 40 - 80% of the applicants are using their mobile phone for the process
      • 50% of the jobs are awarded through relationships or recommendations
  • Comparison between the US and German recruiting market
    • The US market is much larger with 6.7 million open jobs
    • There are differences in the process, even between East and West Coast
    • There is no picture, age, race and gender information on a CV
    • LinkedIn, Glassdoor and Indeed are the main job boards
    • Social media recruiting is increasing on LinkedIn and Instagram
    • Diversity recruiting is key, as Gender-diverse companies outperform their peers
    • HR is using a lot of data analytics, with a focus on content creation, employer branding, events, talent networks
    • Challenges: Negative employer branding, passive candidate recruitment market, finding good talent
    • The "War for Talent" is hot in the Silicon Valley, e.g. Interns get paid 8 - 9k$ per month, just to be attractive enough 
  • Data protection compliant handling of applicant data (GDPR or DSGVO)
    • The world is still alive after 25-May-2018 (DSGVO going live in Europe)
    • General Privacy Policy: Everything is forbidden first, if it is not explicitly allowed during the process
    • Only collect applicant data that you really need, review in all necessary detail (e.g. do you need a picture, age, race, gender information)
    • Make a difference between internal and external data handling, you are also responsible for your external data handling
    • Have an automated delete mechanism in place, e.g. delete all data 4 month after a rejection
    • To add a candidate to your talent pool, you have to seek voluntary approval from the candidate
    • You have to inform candidates about your retention period on initial collection of data, also inform about your privacy policy during the first contact
    • Use as much as possible privacy-optimized software
    • Don't use Whatsapp in the Business environment!!
      • Whatsapp is only for private use
      • contacts are stored on servers outside of Germany
      • you cannot guarantee data protection for your contacts
    • With the GDPR/DSGVO there is a change on the general Cookies policy as well, look at the e.g. Oracle pages for best practices

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