24. Jun, 2018

My week eight (*) summary.

Well interesting times. Only ten days left until the 2nd anniversary of my BLOG and just another 665 readers missing, to reach the next milestone of #55,555 overall readers 👍.

The two 2nd time interviews this week did not go as expected. One candidate was ill on the day of the interview, the last time one guy from the customer side was ill and could not make it. So we are waiting two month now for this 2nd interview 🤨. In the other case the candidate and customer did end up in disagreement during the 2nd interview, as the candidate wanted to work part-time as SW developer. Should not be an issue at all in an Agile and Scrum driven world, but the customer had a different opinion. All issues that you cannot influence as right placement adviser, but with the consequence that you are not making any money.

You see similar things on the candidate side. No answer to a job proposal, even after several reminders. No interest to change the job or the location inside the same city. No motivation to provide the basic documents and information that would also be required for a standard job application. And so on, and so on.

In summary, the current job market situation, the "War for Talent" and the slow moving cutomers, not quickly/motivated enough to change their recruiting process and policies, are giving headhunters a hard time, who are only working on success basis (just get money, when the new contract has been signed). 

It is definitely possible that I am part of the problem and not part of the solution here and do not have enough experience as right placement adviser to be successful. No doubt about this. But according to feedback from customers, candidates and my partners, I am doing a good job.

Anyway as I always like to have a plan B and/or C and regularly question my approaches and performance, I did proceed to apply for permanent positions since end of January 2018. And finally I did find a new position, got accepted and signed the contract this week. My 1st working day will be 02-Jul-18 🤩. I will proceed with my right placement activity and ReThinkAndFocus Advice and Coaching work as secondary and part-time job.

So looking forward to the coming week, the final week before I will go back to a permanent position after exactly 2 years.

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