25. Jun, 2018

What are PFE and Big Five for Life?

Nearly perfect fit at https://pixabay.com/en/happy-street-art-backdrop-artistic-465293/ 

As promised, more from "The Big Five for Life" book. In the chapters I did read today a new acronym has been introduced - PFE - Purpose for Existing. See more details on the John Strelecky page below:                                                                      http://www.bigfiveforlife.com/book/what-are-pfe-and-big-five-for-life/:

"You were born for a reason. It was not a mistake, an act of serendipitous luck, and it didn’t occur randomly. You arrived exactly when you knew you would, into the exact environment you planned on arriving into, with full knowledge of what you were getting yourself into. Except that in the moment you arrived, you forgot all that. Which is exactly what was supposed to happen.

Your challenge, is to remember that reason that you chose to have this life experience. Then if you choose to, to fulfill it. I call the reason your PFE, or Purpose for Existing. It’s why you’re here."

When your personal PFE and the PFE of the company you are working for are more or less matching, this is beneficial for both sides. You can find some more details about the PURPOSE of companies in my BLOG post from 17-Jan-2018 for example.

Quick comment on the Germany - Sweden game from last Saturday (2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia). I was not very positive about the to be expected outcome before the game and was right up to minute 94, as a 1:1 would not be enough to stay in the tournament. But another extra time minute and a brilliant free kick can make the difference and made it this time for the German team. Lucky us. Hopefully this was a turning point for the team, we will see on Wednesday this week against South Korea.