27. Jun, 2018

The Big Five for Life - My 1st take ...

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I am making progress in John Strelecky's "The Big Five for Life" book. In order to remember and to do some marketing for his PFE (Purpose for Existing) and his Big Five for Life (BFFL), the main character in the book is writing this information on the back of his business card. Not a lot of space, so you have to keep it simple and crisp. Below the 1st take on my PFE and BFFL, have a look and take it as motivation to think about yours, why not 😉:

  • PFE: Building bridges, in an open, honest and authentic way
  • BFFL:
    • H - Happy in and with my job
    • A - Appreciated and successful as digital transformation coach
    • P - Prepare a good start for my kids into their future lives
    • P - Practice, to be a role model for lifelong learning
    • Y - Yes, I am going to make it to my 25th and 50th wedding anniversary

Some more details to the PFE description:

  • Bridges between people, teams, organizations, opinions, strategies, directions, etc.
  • Being open – for new influences and ideas
  • Being honest – bring all topics on the table, if you like it or not
  • Being authentic – you get, what you see, no games and tricks

Only 1 hour to go until the final game of the German team against South Korea (https://www.fifa.com/worldcup/matches/match/300331532/#match-liveblog). This game is taken very serious in Germany and a lot of schools and even companies close early, to let everybody go home in time. After the last game against Sweden the situation of the German team did improve, but there can still be a lot of surprises. So they need to win with two goals difference or more, to be on the save side 👍.