29. Jun, 2018

Another milestone passed, THANKS A LOT !!

As you can see. somebody did take a photo of the counter and did send it to me via email. The winner, living close by to my home, will get a nice lunch or dinner invitation, as promised earlier. For international readers the price would be an Amazon voucher, just in case this will happen in the future 😉. Next milestone is #60.000 overall readers, looking forward to this one 👍. Thanks again for your support and appreciation of my writing, a great feeling.

Quick comment to the "BAD" soccer Wednesday, when the German team was the next ex-Champion to leave the tournament before it even starts with the last 16 teams. I was not really optimistic right from the beginning, but the team and the coach are facing a really tough shitstorm now that is sometimes just going beyond the acceptable level.

A defeat is always an opportunity to ReThinkAndFocus 🙂, so we should give these guys a chance.

And you can even try to explain it with The Big Five for Life approach? The German team was a combination of young players and 2014 World Cup winners. If you are a soccer player and your dream or Purpose for Existing (PFE) was to become the Soccer World Cup winner one day, what is your next level of motivation, when you have reached it already? As companies and employees should align their PFE, the same could make a lot of sense in a soccer team? This theory is proofen by the fact that so far only two teams could defend the World Cup title four years later (Italy 1938 and Brazil 1962) 😠.