29. Jun, 2018

The Future of Leadership Salon - my highlights ...

The Leadership event that I announced in my post from 18-Jun-18 did finally happen yesterday. It was a great sunny day, at a really nice location (http://grey.com/germany, check out their location pictures for Duesseldorf), with a great organization and facilitation team, tasty food, cold drinks and hot coffee, a lot of lemons and our host and founder of the Future of Leadership SalonEve Simon  (https://www.linkedin.com/in/eve-simon-7378b86/ and https://www.futureofleadership.salon/).   

Below my personal summary of the highlights that I have experienced during the day. No guarantee for completeness, just a small insight. Stay connected and you might get more information shortly, as this will be the start of something new and great.

Let's just open with some quotes:

Sounds good 😉?

Besides Eve who kicked this all off, we had the following six Thought-Leaders, who did share some of their ideas in front of the audience and then facilitated a 75 minute workshop each, 3 in the morning and the other 3 in the afternoon. I joined Cyril in the morning and Paul later in the day:

Some statements from the discussion that I noted down, just an excerpt:

  • Corporations have the power now, to drive change (formerly done by politics only)
  • Check the purpose, values and vision of your company, who does really know it?
  • Purpose is like a kebab stick, it holds everything what is meaningful and important together
  • Increase the stress level, to drive change
  • Your brain has the memory of the future, the future does not need your leadership
  • Don't go for critical mass, go for critical connections - teams, stakeholders, etc.
  • Connect everything to leadership principles - e.g. Amazon 14 principles  http://customerthink.com/the-14-leadership-principles-that-drive-amazon/ 
  • McDonalds: Think big, start small, scale fast
  • Objective setting: 1. Collective output, 2. Individual contribution, 3. Dependencies with others
  • Story telling to connect people, give people a voice and respect it, accept the people and where they are, emotion leads to action
  • Shareholder value is not a purpose
  • Disengaged workers are a huge risk for an organization - e.g cyber crime from internal
  • Behavior is a result of the context
  • Drivers for change: Stories that matter, Matrix that matter, Stamina
  • Self mastery - systems insight - collective responsibility - conscious relating
  • Me --> We --> For the World
  • Get more leaders to think about how to scale their impact? 

Books and references:

As this was just the starting point for a new movement with a small group, there will be more coming soon, in different countries, with different focus areas and setups. Eve called them satellites ..., to be continued.

"The true value of networking doesn’t come from how many people we can meet but rather how many people we can introduce to others." - Simon Sinek,        https://startwithwhy.com/learn-to-lead/