1. Jul, 2018

My week seven (*) highlights.

A really great last week, before I go back to a permanent position tomorrow. We had my PFE and the Big Five for Life, the great Paul McCartney video, passing the #55,555 milestone and my personal favorite - The Future of Leadership Salon on Thursday 😋.

I am really looking forward to Monday. The morning will start with a 90 minute onboarding session for new employees, the standard procedure at the beginning of each month. So far I do have a really positive impression about the onboarding process. Laptop, mobile phone and login accounts are ready and waiting and I have even seen a welcome video of the CEO for all new employees by now. For the rest of Monday introduction sessions with my new boss and Tuesday/Wednesday already on a business trip to meet the new team members. If you are interested in more details, check my XING and LinkedIn profile updates coming later next week.

Thanks for the interest in my BLOG lately, just passed #55,555 in the middle of the week and right now we are at 56,004, unbelievable 👍. 

Finally on 04-Jul-2018 I will have the 2nd anniversary of starting my BLOG, time runs by pretty fast. Have a great, productive and sunny week: