6. Jul, 2018

Looking for a challenge?

Challenging photo by https://pixabay.com/en/maze-labyrinth-solution-lost-1804499/ 

The first week in the new job is over and the available memory in my brain is more than full 🙂. Just too much new content, people's names, acronyms for departments and tools, processes and so on. I just deserve my weekend today. Working in a permanent job with defined office hours is definitely a change after nearly a year of self-employment. But no complaints after the 1st week, it is fun, interesting, a new challenge and it offers a lot of opportunities to learn and to grow. But on the other side there are less moments to post interesting articles in XING, LinkedIn and Google+ and to spend time on good content in my BLOG. I will do my best, to keep you entertained 👍.

Talking about challenge you come immediately to Neymar, the "very special" Brazilian soccer player. In 4 games at the FIFA World Cup in Russia (= 360 minutes) he did lay on the ground for a total of 14 minutes (interesting, what kind of data are collected by all the statisticians). Can you believe this? Sometimes for sure justifiable, because the other players want to stop him, but most of the time to improve his acting skills. Just search for "Neymar challenge" in Youtube and you will have a lot of fun 😙.  Just two examples:

Another challenge is to select the right articles to share here in my BLOG, on XING, LinkedIn and Google+. What is interesting, new and surprising content that might be value add for the readers? A short selection below, based on my today opinion and feeling. I hope you like it:

Let's close for today with two inspiring quotes from Simon Sinek:

"The opportunity is not to discover the perfect company for ourselves. The opportunity is to build the perfect company for each other."

"When we give expecting nothing in return, it is remarkable how much more others will give back to us."