12. Jul, 2018

Afraid of the digital ghost?

I did take the photo at the roof top of my hotel tonight, during an afterwork party with cocktails and barbeque. Are you afraid of the digital ghost? Might be one possible way, how the ghost could look like 😉?

When I was giving the presentation for the 12 - 16 year old kids about digital transformation, I started with a comparison slide between the technical situation in the years 1974 - 1978 (when I was this age) and today.

To be honest, a lot of stuff did change in the meantime and the digital natives definitely have a different life and focus today. In the business environment even a lot of the older people are complaining about the "digital/technical" pressure and the 24/7 availability that is often expected or people feel obliged to provide it. Shut off your mobile phone and take a break, you have the freedom and power to do this and it is much easier than expected.

I know this is easier said/written than done, but if you never try you will not find out!! 😎

For people who need more support, are looking for professional approaches or trends - ever heard about Digital Detox? Ask Google or others, here just 4 of many examples:

Give yourself time to digitally detox from your constantly connected life, and keep your phone away from your bed. Caroline Ghosn, American - Businesswoman Born: January 29, 1987