15. Jul, 2018

The week five (*) highlights ...

Just in case you cannot remember why week count anymore - in the first year I counted upwards from 1 to 52, in the 2nd year I turned it the other way round down from 52 (*) to 1 (*). So five weeks left before I have to decide about the 3rd year counting rule.

Just seeing the FIFA World Cup Final in Mosow - France vs. Croatia - 4:2 in the 73rd minute. Croatia is the surprise team of the tournament, with already three overtime games and two times the final decision via penalty kicks. They never give up before the game is over, a really exemplary motivation and team spirit. 

My 2nd week on the new job was really interesting and I learned a lot about strategy, lighthouse projects, obvious and less obvious dependencies and constraints. When you are new on the job you have a big advantage, having an outside view and the possibility to ask any question that nobody else would ask. Not only about abbreviations and approaches/processes, but also about customer focus and the relationship between different departments and parts of the company. More to watch.

The available time for my right placement activities is definitely less, as there is family and summer time, the school holidays just started Friday, besides the 8 hour work days and business travel. But often less is more --> less quantity, but more quality - we will see. 

France is the new World Cup winner, getting the 2nd star 20 years after the 1st one. My deepest respect for the Croatian team, well done!!  https://www.fifa.com/worldcup/matches/match/300331552/#match-info 

Looking forward to another interesting week and hot summer days. Have a great and productive time and enjoy, what you are doing. Some interesting material to share:

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