22. Jul, 2018

Quick week four (*) summary.

Well, just in this moment there are 613 readers to go to reach the next milestone, the #60,000 overall readers. Same rules as for the previous milestones. Take a snapshot of the counter as close as possible to 60,000 or above and send it to me via email. If you are living close by I will invite you to a nive lunch or dinner. If you are further away I will send you an Amazon voucher as present. Sounds good? Just have a look at the counter and take the snapshot to join the competition. Based on the average users per week, we should reach the milestone latest by Wednesday. Don't be shy, give it a try 👍.

The 3rd week on the new job is over now and I am coming up to speed quickly. Getting in contact with key experts and stakeholders, understanding the environment and top projects better and making use of my outside in view, to propose some new/alternative ideas. Having a lot of fun and looking forward to the coming weeks. I could even use my right placement expertise this week when we were deciding about staffing a project role with an external consultant. Everybody was looking at me and asking for my opinion 🙂.

Next week one of my candidates will have his 2nd job interview, hopefully nobody is ill this time and it can finally happen after 3 month. Some other guys are still in the pipeline, we just need to have a 1st phone interview or their documents require some further adjustment.

Looking at the weather forecast for next week, this is going to be a really hot week with temperatures above 33 degrees celsius on average. To cool down some interesting material for you, check it out and have some fun 😙:

"A leader should not take credit when things go right if they are not willing to accept responsibility when things go wrong." - Simon Sinek, Notes to Inspire,  https://startwithwhy.com/library/leadership/