29. Jul, 2018

My week three (*) highlights.

Just coming back from the #60,000 winner dinner. A nice company, good food and drinks. Looking forward to the next celebration. In the meantime I did find out that another participant wanted to send in a picture for 60,023, but could not do it due to technical issues. Maybe next time?

We are now heading towards #66,666 with good speed, as we passed the last milestone Thursday morning this week and are now 535 readers higher than 3 days ago already.

As mentioned before I had one candidate in his 2nd job interview and did deliver another candidate profile to one of my customers. In both cases I am waiting for the final customer feedback. On the one side everybody is looking for new staff as quickly as possible, but on the other side decision making processes are taking time, often too much. That we are in the summer holiday season in the moment does not really help. Good that my primary income is coming from my new job now 🙂.

I posted the topic communication issues and wrong assumptions already, what needs to be extended by politics. A lot of people tend to play their personal game and follow their own agenda, what is really hurting the progress of the company they are working for. Maybe these employees should check the top left or right side of their salary statement monthly, just to remember who is paying their salary.

My part of Germany is looking for another really hot week with temperatures above 32 degrees celsius, so it will be difficult to stay cool, if you do not have an air condition in the office. Some links below to hopefully forget about the heat outside 😉:

Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything. George Bernard Shaw, Irish - Dramatist July 26, 1856 - November 2, 1950