3. Aug, 2018

Intelligent questions?

Funny picture provided by https://pixabay.com/de/computer-sucht-hilfe-computersucht-1106900/

As I said yesterday, in the end I had to call the helpdesk. Bigger companies have often more than one helpdesk (e.g. IT, HR, facility management, etc.), so the next challenge was to find the right one for my question. I am still new in the company so I selected the most obvious one.   

Next challenge was to select the right number in the smart phone system over several levels. When you get e.g. six different options on the phone, you can not remember 1 - 3 anymore, when you heard number 6 😉. In the end I was able to talk to a real person and could open my ticket. It took just 5 minutes until the ticket was closed, because I had selected the wrong helpdesk 😙. The help desk agent was nice and smart enough to assign my ticket to the right helpdesk, so in the end I got what I wanted 👍. What a great experience. Possibly a chatbot (https://chatbotslife.com/how-do-chatbots-work-fe49ef32598f) would have been the better solution for me, because I could have asked my initial question and got an answer?

Some Simon Sinek Notes to Inspirehttps://startwithwhy.com/inspire-your-audience/ 

  • The ultimate value of personal growth work is not to feel better about ourselves but to contribute to how those around us feel about themselves.
  • To be authentic is to be at peace with your imperfections.
  • Let us not attack those who disagree. Let us defend those who follow.