12. Aug, 2018

The week one (*) highlights ...

Well one week left to think about the nomenclature of the weeks for the next year. We have 26 letters, what is good for half of the year. So I will use A1, B1, C1, ..., Z1 for the 1st 26 weeks and surprise, surprise A2, B2, C2, ..., Z2 for the 2nd half. If you have any better idea, just let me know until next week Sunday 😉.

Week one (*) was a really great week. Getting good up to speed in the new job, a record high of readers for a week, the contract proposal for one of my candidates and finally the positive feedback of the guy who did find a new job with the help of my career advice.

Looking forward to the week one (A1) summary next week. Some good stuff to finish this week:

Sometimes it takes us traveling outside our comfort zone, to discover the abilities, we never knew we had. - ROBERT M. HENSEL , SPANISH POET-WRITER, Born: May 08, 1969,  http://www.quotehd.com/Quotes/robert-hensel-sometimes-it-takes-us-traveling-outside-our-comfort-zone-to-discover-t