14. Aug, 2018

Some book highlights ...

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In the meantime I finished The Big Five for Life (BFFL) book (see my 22- and 27-Jun-18 posts). Next book is Beyond Empowerment from Doug Kirkpatrick https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ej4n3w4kMa4.  A short summary of BFFL here, for more you have to read the whole book 😉, because the Thomas Derales' tips to take away cover 14 points :


  1. Nobody is putting a project more on risk than somebody who is in the wrong place or notoriously dissatisfied
  2. People can find solutions for nearly any problem, they just need to know the rules of the game
  3. Capable people don't need anybody to control their behavior, as long as they identify themselves with their work and love to do it
  4. There are two people related factors influencing the profit of a company - productivity, how efficient are the people - fluctuation, how often quit people and how often do you need to re-staff?
  5. Without profits a company cannot function
  6. People who are successful with tasks that are not really important for them, will be even more successful with tasks they are really enthusiastic about
  7. ...

The Doug Kirkpatrick book (http://www.self-managementinstitute.org/about/people/3) covers the following guiding principles around Self-Management:

  • No Use of Force and Keeping Commitments
  • No Titles
  • No Command Authority
  • No Unilateral Authority to Fire
  • Colleagues (instead of employees)
  • Coaching and Mentoring Culture
  • Accountability Process
  • Freedom

To finish, a book summary to watch and not to read 🙂 -  THE E-MYTH REVISITED by Michael Gerber | Core Message at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7YGS3OxJZN4