16. Aug, 2018

DevOps here we go ...

Picture https://pixabay.com/de/devops-business-prozessverbesserung-3148393/ 

You know selective perception? When you have special interest for any topic, you suddenly only see information about it - e.g you plan to buy a new car and the next day only this car is driving everywhere around you. Same with DevOps, we started to talk about this topic in my new company and suddenly a lot of related information is arriving in my inbox.

"DevOps is the practice of operations and development engineers participating together in the entire service lifecycle, from design through the development process to production support." see https://theagileadmin.com/what-is-devops/ for much more details. Further information at:

Two nice pictures to close:

  1. The Evolution Of The Employee                              https://thefutureorganization.com/evolution-employee/ 
  2. INCIDENTAL COMICS: Summer's End  http://www.incidentalcomics.com/2018/08/summers-end.html 

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