26. Aug, 2018

My week two (B1) summary ...

Making good progress with my new project. Did two Pre-KickOff presentations and the customers have been really positive about the planned approach. Some even volunteered immediately to be the single point of contact for their department or organization. Really a good start. The official KickOff meeting is next week Thursday, looking forward to this opportunity. 

In the meantime my candidate did get the contract from his potential new employer. Now he just needs to sign and send it back. As this happened last Wednesday, I am expecting to get a result next week.

To be in alignment with current trends in the job market and to provide alternative ideas for the "War for Talent", my partners in the right placement business are providing M&A support and consulting to buy and sell companies now. Just in case you cannot find enough talent for your company on the job market, why not buying a small company full of them instead? Just one of several examples in the last 12 month - GM buys California laser firm to help speed autonomous car research -                                          https://www.denverpost.com/2017/10/09/gm-buys-laser-firm-bid-speed-autonomous-car-research/ 

School starts again next week Wednesday after six weeks of holiday. The kids are ready to go back now as staying at home is getting boring in the meantime 😉. Wish you all a productive week and enjoy some interesting material: