6. Sep, 2018

Case Study - on the way to self-leadership (Part I)

Equilateral triangles by https://pixabay.com/de/dreiecke-form-geometrie-dreieckig-39854/ 

As mentioned earlier I did participate in the Meetup (https://www.meetup.com/Kompano/events/252901799/) at the travel agency  https://www.erlebe-fernreisen.de/  yesterday evening. Early 2017 the company with 100+ employees and an average age of 27 decided to start a journey towards a self organized, self-leadership organization, to better utilize the potential of the employees. The process was  accompanied by Ralf Janssen the Kompano Owner and developer of the following Framework for evolutionary companies, see  https://www.kompano.de/framework/en 

At the beginning of the evening the 20+ participants and representatives of the travel agency had to position themselves on a line with the endpoints - (1) no knowledge/experience and (2) feeling confident with good knowledge/experience. The three topics to decide were Agile, self organization and a purpose driven way or working. All people did move through the room as nobody was really perfect in all topics.

Next step was to simulate a self organizing environment with the following guidelines: Everybody had to select two other people (buddies) without telling them and to build an Equilateral triangle with them. A lot of movement in the room at the beginning that did stop after two minutes when everybody was happy with her/his triangle. In a hierarchical organization a supervisor would have needed much more time to come to the same result. Next level of the simulation was one guy leaving the company and another one selecting two new buddies. Same result as before - a lot of movement of everybody at the beginning that came to a standstill after ~2 minutes again. --> Even a small change will have impact on the whole system or company in reality.

More to come in the coming days ...

As scientific or supporting background information you can have a look at: