8. Sep, 2018

Medieval weekend ...

On the road with my wife to the Herrstein - Schinderhannes-Raeuberfesthttps://herrstein.de/event/schinderhannes-raeuberfest. As expected, but still surprising, a room without WLAN 🙂. No issue with a mobile phone, but if you have to find the right place in the room for a high-speed connection to open a hotspot, you get a better understanding about medieval. Would have been a good opportunity for a digital detox, but as our hotel is in the city center we can not use the car during the festival, so there is some detox already 👍. First day of the festival today was a lot of fun with good food, hand-made music and small bands singing well known songs. You can even do a 3 hour walking tour on the medieval path, if you bring enough time, see https://www.outdooractive.com/de/wanderung/nahe/traumschleife-mittelalterpfad/1516442/ (also only in German, sorry for that).

Tomorrow the festival will start at 11.00 AM, enough time for breakfast and to check out. Weekend will be over and we have some other appointments to cover. There are these special weekends at the end of summer when a lot of different events are happening at the same time to benefit from the good weather.

Some interesting material attached:

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