12. Sep, 2018

Case Study - on the way to self-leadership (Part II)

Thanks Tanmay Vora, another great sketchnote:                                      http://qaspire.com/2018/01/09/leaders-who-create-the-future/ 

Well finally the 2nd part of the Case Study story, hope you like it? I am trying to categorize key statements in groups that make sense --> I try 😉. But let's start with a Simon Sinek Note to Inspire: "There is a difference between offering a service and being willing to serve. They may both include giving, but only one is generous."


  • Take initiative and ownership for Intrinsic motivation
  • Future cannot be planned
  • Mindset based on - philosophy, thinking and activity logic

Purpose, why now?

  • Old world - define target, reach step by step
  • Now - broader focus required to include new technology
  • What is my purpose and how can I implement/realize it, check new technology solutions

Make available knowledge useable where it is, in the heads of the teams

  • Get different opinions heard, not only positive or supportive
  • If managers/leaders are gone, leadership work has to be taken on by somebody else, is not going away !!
  • Face conflicts and solve them, even when painful
  • Sociocratic role selection/assignment process, selection by team members, who has the most votes by the team members
  • Cross functional teams improving their level of basic understanding in their field of competence, due to daily interaction
  • Mindset of leaders in hierarchical organisations is required from all members in an agile organisation

Realization in the travel agency

  • Company board and leadership team are supporting and monitoring the change
  • Use pull principle
  • Realize collaboration needs and effort
  • Leading needs follower
  • Build pioneer teams with Kanban boards
  • Talk about positive experience
  • Thank you, during lessons learned
  • Aligned purpose work with brand work of the company --> We move the customer in their heart
  • Pioneer teams create followers, during process reaching tipping point, when new process becomes majority and old process is minority
  • Heartful, tolerant, friendly and supportive way of working is needed to make this change possible and happen

The only topic not covered yet is a smart solution for the regular salary and performance meetings. As talking openly about everybody's salary is not common in Germany and in most companies forbidden by internal direction/policy. A way could be --> Openly communicate salary as new company direction or have a hidden fix/basic and open variable salary part (based on team feedback). Why not?

Some ideas/examples from the Management 3.0 page: