16. Sep, 2018

My week five (E1) summary ...

Watch out, just 634 readers to go to reach the next milestone, #70.000 overall readers. Looking forward to it 👍.

Another busy week gone as you could possibly guess based on my last posts. Late Friday I finally got the feedback from the guy that I did support to get a new job during my Christmas time career advice activity for the Computerwoche end of 2017. I basically asked him to do the following three step approach:

  1. Find out who you are, what your unique selling point (USP) and added value could be for a new employer, and write it down!!
  2. Create a target list of companies that fit your expectations and that you would like to work for in the future
  3. Understand your current learning and expertise GAP, what is missing or still required to be successful with your plan, based on step 1 and 2?

The most difficult part for the guy was to finish step 1 and to be specific about the USP and to write it down. Writing it down is the trick here, to make it visible, readable and to reach a higher quality, as it is a kind of document then 😉.  Some more comments below, also with relation to some earlier posts of mine:

  1. To understand who you are and what your USP could be, some personality testing will be really helpful, give it a try. See also at the bottom of "My new Business" page, there you find a lot of references - http://www.rethinkandfocus.com/435958304. Try to focus on the areas, where you do not have an overlap with the majority of your competitors in the job market, easier said than done.
  2. As step one also has to do with finding/describing your own purpose or purpose of existing, check the following Big Five for Life post again -  http://www.rethinkandfocus.com/429718297/6146456/posting/the-big-five-for-life-my-1st-take. If you find a potential new employer in an interesting industry or because it is using smart technology, do not forget to compare the company's purpose with your own one. The broader the match the better for you and your future success. 
  3. Describing the personal GAPs and selecting the right training to fill them was another challenge for the guy and he is still working on it. Not easy in the current times to select future proof skills, as the environment is just changing too fast and more often in a disruptive manor. Just check the post from yesterday, how to best fill the available 9 years and lifelong learning is always a option 😉. Maybe self management as work as well? http://www.rethinkandfocus.com/429718297/6428546/posting/some-book-highlights 

 Some intereresting material to close for today: