25. Sep, 2018

Imagination is key ...

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I am in Berlin this week for two workshops and some interviews for my project. Key part of the interview sessions is just to listen to the customers and trying to understand their use cases and ways of working.

So far the atmosphere was always very positive and supportive, as people are in general willing to help, when you just ask for it. As part of the interviews we are also asking for things that are going good and bad in the moment? Besides that we check the awareness of some of the general standard solutions and their personal wishlist. What would they do, change, adjust, initiate and promote, if they had the power and free choice in a green field approach scenario https://aimblog.uoregon.edu/2015/06/30/benefits-of-the-greenfield-approach/

As a lot of people are stuck in their current way of thinking it is really difficult for them to do green field. What you can see on the picture is definitely helpful for a change. Sentences like "We have done it like this for the last several years" are only one example of the constraints people are feeling and that are holding them back to dream freely. The good thing is that some people are open for this approach and come up with great ideas and proposals to change something 😉👍.

Give someone responsibility and they will do their best. Make them accountable and they will do even better. Notes to Inspire from Simon Sinekhttps://startwithwhy.com/learn-to-lead/