28. Sep, 2018

Friendliness makes people friendly ...

Picture by https://pixabay.com/de/smiley-emoticon-zorn-w%C3%BCtend-angst-2979107/ 

On my flight back from Berlin I did listen to some people talking about the special character of the residents, some would call it "unfriendly" 😙, definitely just a prejudice...

But I have an example as well. The receptionist had a really bad day when we arrived with several people on Tuesday. Even the employees did not really get the support that would have been appropriate for visitors at a different location of the same company. It was even worth for the external consultants that did accompany us.

In order to enforce the given security processes the receptionist had to be strict and did not show any flexibility. But we tried to be friendly, accepted what could not be changed and did show understanding for the situation. It did work out during the visit. The next day it was much smoother, we got more support and could move around in the building on our own. The third day was perfect, a friendly welcome in the morning and full support during the day --> Friendliness makes people friendly ..., only a welcome coffee was missing 😉.

Besides this topic I will give my presentation (from May of this year) for students again on 11-Oct-18 during a Theme Day about education after school. Initially I did assume for 30 minutes plus another 15 minutes Q&A, but the session has been scheduled for 2.5 hours. Might need some quick replanning, to fill the time and do some practical exercises for the participants. 29 students did apply for the session and one teacher will be supporting me 👍. Looking forward to this experience, the audience will be between 16 and 18 years old.

Peace can be promoted by the limitation of arms and by the creation of the instrumentality for peaceful settlement of controversies. But it will become a reality only through self-restraint and active effort in friendliness and helpfulness. Herbert Hoover, American - President August 10, 1874 - October 20, 1964